Devil May Cry Sequel Should Be More Like New God Of War According To Creator

Devil May Cry Sequel

The last few years have seen rumors and speculation flying about in regards to a new Devil May Cry sequel. While there have certainly been hints, no official announcement has been made by Capcom. While fans continue to speculate about what the game may entail, creator Hideki Kamiya shared his own thoughts on Twitter today.

Kamiya, in a series of tweets, stated that he thought the Devil May Cry sequel should be completely remodeled. His vision is a game not unlike God of War, with realistic and cinematic instances that steer away from the typical “hack-n-slash” anime type style of the previous games. Here is what Hideki had to say in full:

I’m just throwing some ideas out there, but I think it’s about time DMC got a game design revision. Looking at current global trends and the amazing graphics in recent Capcom games, the next DMC game could do with a full model change, like the new God of War. Instead of being an anime-style hack ‘n’ slash, maybe Capcom will turn DMC5 into a realistic, cinematic action game…?”

Ultimately, Kamiya’s vision of a Devil May Cry 5 may not come to pass. Leaked information does suggest that Capcom intends to stay close to what the original games were like. Some information even suggests that they may completely ignore the events of DmC: Devil May Cry and pick up right after Devil May Cry 4. Ultimately, fans will have to wait for Capcom to announce their next title to find out if a Devil May Cry sequel is in the works, and what that would entail for the future of the franchise.

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