LEAK: Destiny ‘Music Of The Spheres’ Releases Full Tracklist For Free, Listen Here

Destiny Musical Companion

Back in 2013, the man who is responsible for glorious compositions used throughout multiple games such as the Halo franchise worked on  Bungie’s MMO destiny. Martin O’Donnell worked on the MMO’s musical companion called Music of the Spheres, an 8-part composition piece that was originally supposed to release alongside the game however it never arrived. Now, 4 years later, the musical companion piece has been leaked, giving fans a chance to hear the glorious music in its entirety, at least Activision shuts it down.


The composition is a collaboration between O’DOnnell, Michael Salvatori, and former Beatle Paul McCartney. Bungie battled it out with O’Donnell over many things over the course of Destiny’s production, including Activision’s failure to use his music within a trailer for the game at E3. Then in April of 2014, Bungie fired O’Donnell, and against his hopes shelved the Music of the Spheres indefinitely. Since then, the legendary composer has made numerous comments on the work, even going so far as to encourage people to share it.

O’Donnell gave out a total of 100 copies of the 8-piece musical work. When a dedicated fan by the name of Owen Spence began to piece together the composition as his own independent project, it seems inevitable that the music would be released in full. Recently, it seems that an anonymous source has given the entirety of the work to Owen and his friend, who have since posted the Music of the Spheres on SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling if or when the music will be taken down but for now it’s well worth the listen. O’Donnell indicated that he was pleased in an email stating that while he doesn’t know who gave out the musical composition, they have his blessing. Let us know your thoughts on the Destiny musical companion and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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