Demon’s Souls Alludes To Expanded Multiplayer In Pre-Order Info

demon's souls

With the PlayStation 5 launch event having passed and all the information has been shared with the public the games that have promised to release on the console are free to share more details, and that’s exactly what Bluepoint Games has done with the remake of Demon’s Souls. In the pre-order listing for Demon’s Souls it states that the game may potentially allow for more network players ranging from two to six.

In the original PS3 release of the game, there only allowed for up to four players including the host of that particular game with restrictions on allowing only two Blue Phantoms (co-op partners with a very specific summoning instructions) and one Black Phantom invader who is able to move and invade as desired with their goal to take out the host player. There is only a single pre-order bonus that was listed by Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond for a Reaper Scythe, but it appears as though Sony may have removed the listing from the site.

Demon’s Souls is an action RPG that was originally developed by FromSoftware. The game is set in Boletaria, a kingdom under the threat of the Old One, a dark entity that was summoned through Soul Arts (a forbidden form of magic) and is set on taking over. Players become the hero who’s sole purpose is to kill King Allant and placate the Old One while adventuring and surviving against soul-eating demons.

Though there has been no information to directly confirm the expansion of the multiplayer facets of the original Demon’s Souls game which was released in 2009, there have been bits and pieces of information to suggest that the plan to expand the multiplayer aspect of the game is real including mentions of it in the terms of service. We can only hope for more information through Bluepoint before the full release of the game.

Demon’s Souls will be released on November 12th for PS5 and is currently available for pre-order through select retailers.

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