Days Gone Creative Director Responds To Zombie Fatigue Concerns (VIDEO)

It is no secret that the past few years of media and culture have been loaded with zombies and the lore surrounding the undead. The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead continue to dominate cable ratings and zombie film franchises have been plenty this past decade. The modern video game industry especially seems very heavily populated with the undead, which gave concern for many about Days Gone in that it would be just another niche game. Now, the Days Gone creative director has spoken out about these, and other common worries about the game.

GameInformer recently conducted an interview with Days Gone Creative Director John Garvin that shed a lot of light on how this title plans to be different. In response to the common complaint about zombie fatigue in gaming, Garvin provided the obligatory retort that their game’s creatures are “freakers, not zombies.” Garvin does specify that he and his team did keep this particular concern in mind, saying “Zombie fatigue is something we’ve dealt with from the very beginning.” He further expresses hope that players will find Days Gone a more unique experience than other zombie games, saying “Fighting the horde, for one thing, is massively different than most other types of games that you’re going to experience.”

Another common fatigue felt among gamers is that regarding open world titles and how common they are nowadays. Garvin believes that Days Gone’s open world will be different in that theirs will be dangerous at every point, unlike other games. As he states: “You can be on your way to a mission and get knocked off your bike by a Runner, which is an infected wolf, and the same time, you’re running low on gas, and you’ve done a bunch of squirreling around off-road, and your bike’s damaged.”

Days Gone still has quite a while before the adventure releases, but it definitely sounds like keeping these particular worries from gamers in mind have been a significant priority in regards to the game’s design. What do you guys think about these comments from the Days Gone creative director? Let us know in the comments below!

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