Days Gone Syphon Filter Easter Eggs Found

Days Gone features the standard zombie apocalypse tale, with a virus infecting humanity turning many into man-eating monsters. While the title may look and feel like a standalone, some hidden…

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Days Gone

Days Gone Fan Recreates Epic Baseball Bat Axe

Zombie apocalypse titles usually have some fairly interesting weaponry consisting of tools or basic weapons that have been modified to be even more deadly. Days Gone is no exception and…

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Days Gone choice system

Days Gone Choice System Removed During Development

Days Gone has now been available for PS4 players for several days now, and those that picked up the game are still likely engrossed in its post-apocalyptic world. The reviews…

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Days Gone

Major Days Gone Bug Audio Bug Not Addressed In Latest Patch

Finding issues within newly released games is a common occurrence however, they’re generally minor bugs that are easily fixed with a simple patch or two. Major audio glitches and sound…

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Days Gone Weapon

Days Gone Weapon Types and Melee Combat Details Revealed

Next month, Days Gone will be released for PlayStation 4 owners looking to experience the thrill of surviving the zombie apocalypse in Oregon. The game recently went gold, which comes…

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Days Gone Map

New Look at Days Gone Map for PS4 Looks Delightfully Huge

There is only a little over a month standing between fans and the release of Days Gone on the PlayStation 4. That said, many people are excited to get their…

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Days Gone Release Date Announced In Brand New Trailer, Reveals New Enemy Threats (VIDEO)

Days Gone may have faced a delay, but it will be well-worth it in the end. Despite the plethora of open-world zombie titles out there, developer SIE Bend Studio has…

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Days Gone Creative Director Responds To Zombie Fatigue Concerns (VIDEO)

It is no secret that the past few years of media and culture have been loaded with zombies and the lore surrounding the undead. The Walking Dead and its spinoff…

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Days Gone Delay

Days Gone Delay Until 2019 Confirmed By Sony

Of the three major video game home consoles, the PlayStation 4 seemed to go into 2018 promising the most desired exclusive games among the three major platforms for the year….

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Days Gone Zombie Horde AI

Days Gone Zombie Horde AI To Be Discussed At GDC

This year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference) is set to take place in San Francisco from March 19th through the 23rd. Many developers will be there including parts of the team…

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