Are There Enough Daddies In Avengers: Infinity War? Twitter’s Too Thirsty To Say

By now nearly everyone has seen Avengers Infinity War once. If not, there’s enough nerdy journalistic coverage for everyone to learn the intricate details of every aspect of the movie. Of course, websites aren’t the only ones who’ve worked up a mighty thirst over Infinity War, Twitter is also in an uproar over the number of “daddies” featured in the film.

Avengers: Infinity War has been argued as the most ambitious cross-over film in history, bringing together characters from across the franchise to complete the major arcing story. Still dominating at box offices around the globe, it is making itself one of the highest grossing movies of all time. But one question that hasn’t been answered by the directors, actors, or influx of articles dissecting every moment is; “Are There Enough Daddies?” Twitter is far too thirsty to answer this question, so the author of this article has taken it upon himself to examine it further.

Mild Spoilers Ahead.


infinity war


The first Avenger is also arguably the first to be named Daddy in Infinity War. Ovaries and testicles exploded indiscriminately as Captain America stepped from the shadows in the teaser trailer with a full beard. Thus, Captain Daddy was born:

And the look served as an awakening for some:

Of course, Cap isn’t the only one from the 1940’s who’s still got it:


Infinity war

After some time off in Wakanda, Bucky Barnes is brought back into the fold and audiences hearts. The Winter Soldier definitely didn’t pull any punches in the battle for the universe, and apparently, fans don’t want him to stop there:

Of course, some fans found a way to poke fun at other Avengers in the process:

Speaking of Wakanda:


Infinity war

Black Panther jumped from a solo film right into the fray of Infinity War. With little downtime between films, fans have been fawning over the king of Wakanda for many months now. Much love for the films diversity made it one of the best films in the franchise, and it would seem that some fans got a bit parched in the process:

In some cases, T’Challa was yet another awakening for fans even before Infinity War:

In the end, his Daddy factor even transcended sexuality:

But an old Wakandan rival is giving Black Panther a run for his money:


Infinity war

This badass new face of vegetarianism took the fandom by storm, showing that Daddies come in all shapes and sizes. The thirst for Thicc Daddy M’Baku ranged from low key to off the rails:

One fan even had the Tweet read by the actor in a recent video:

But are some of these Daddies dad material?

Iron Dad?

Infinity War

Easily the Sugar Daddy of the Avengers, Iron Man’s image may have shifted when he took Peter Parker under his wing. The shift in his character’s dynamic brought him from Iron Daddy to Iron Dad in the span of three movies, and Twitter took notice:

The shift also left some in the strange place of wanting both:

And in the end, some were just outright disappointed:

But on the topic of things that are Strange:


infinity war

A pivotal character in the Infinity War struggle, Dr. Strange was faced with some hard choices in the film. It would seem that some fans struggled as well, and as the name suggests: some of the Twitter thirst was strange:

Meanwhile, Wizard Daddy made some question the very fabric of society:

But things definitely could be stranger:

But Dr. Strange wasn’t the only showstopper in this adventure:


Infinity war

Easily the fan favorite of Infinity War, Daddy Asgard has probably undergone the most transformation throughout the MCU. With his recent haircut, fans seem to love him more than ever. The thirst hit overdrive after Infinity War:

His celebrated arrival in Wakanda even caught some off guard:

And some even claimed him for their own:

But Daddy Asgard may not have been the heart stopper fans wanted. Some much prefer:


Infinity war

Arguably one of the best villains in the MCU, his absolute power and confidence mad many a fan swoon. This lead to some pretty thirsty tweets and, for some, confusion about their life choices (though ultimately brought fans together):

Then there was this observation:

Whoever had you going HNGGGGG in the theaters, it would seem Twitter at least acknowledges that there can never be enough Daddies in the MCU. For fans who haven’t seen the movie, now is the time. If nothing else is taken away from the movie, it has gotten people talking about how perspective has changed:

Who’s your daddy in the MCU? Did we miss someone in our break down? Tell us about it in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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