Dark Souls Soundtracks Are Now Streaming On Spotify

Dark Souls Soundtracks Are Now Streaming On Spotify

Despite their infamous difficulty and dreary settings, the games in the Dark Souls series have become some of the biggest fan-favorites in gaming. Their intense challenge have also made the games immensely popular for Let’s Plays and livestreams. Gaming culture has seen Dark Souls become a meme for denoting intense difficulty, and mainstream culture figures like Elon Musk have even referenced the series. That said, the real world can also be a challenging hellish nightmare, and sometimes gamers need that extra boost to rise to the occasion. Thankfully, the Dark Souls soundtracks are now on Spotify, and can hopefully help in these dark times.

As seen today on Spotify, the Dark Souls soundtracks from the first three games in the series can now be streamed on the service. The soundtracks for Dark Souls, Dark Souls II And Dark Souls III all exist as streamable playlists, and they all list series soundtrack composer Motoi Sakuraba as the artist. All of the songs from each game are present, and there seems to be a specific song for each major boss from the three games. Iconic bosses such as the Centipede Demon from Dark Souls and the Skeleton Lords From Dark Souls II are all represented in the playlists.


While the Dark Souls soundtracks are hardly as calming or tranquil as a bonfire save point can be in the games, the soundtracks can likely help as motivational tunes at the gym or just general background music for the grueling existence that is everyday life.

The Dark Souls Trilogy set is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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