Mass Effect Andromeda Players Can Upload and Share Their Custom Ryder Characters

Mass Effect Andromeda Custom Ryder

We are less than a week away from the North American release of the highly anticipated next entry in the Mass Effect series, and more information about the game is being revealed, both through official announcements and outsider leaks. Just this week we already learned what the file size for the downloadable PC version of the game is going to be and we have seen pre-loading commence in some regions. Now, one fan who obtained access to the game early has discovered that Mass Effect Andromeda custom Ryder character designs can be shared with and downloaded by fellow Mass Effect Andromeda players.

A new post by Reddit user Musely, who has the game ahead of its official launch date, shared this new feature’s existence with the world. As a reminder, the game allows for custom looks for both playable protagonist siblings, Scott and Sara Ryder, regardless of which one the player chooses to control. Musely has shared a screenshot (seen at the top) from what appears to be the customization options section, which features the expected options like gender, appearance and name selection. Also seen on this screen are “Upload Character Data” and “Import Character Data” options, which when selected display the following description:

If you’ve set up an account on Mass Effect Archives website, this option allows you to import a Mass Effect: Andromeda character you’ve previously uploaded or use custom appearance that others have shared online. An active internet connection is required. You need to connect online to import character data.”

It appears that players will have yet another reason to make sure that they have a Mass Effect Archives account to take advantage of this awesome feature so they can share their Nigel Thornberry and John Cena-faced versions of Scott Ryder. What do you guys think? Are you excited by this Mass Effect Andromeda custom Ryder character sharing feature? Let us know in the comments below or start a discussion on our Disqus page.

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