‘Control’ Announcement Trailer Displays Trippy Visuals And Combat At E3 2018 (VIDEO)


While most of the Sony E3 2018 conference is dedicated to the big first-party titles, such as The Last of Us Part II, coming to the PlayStation 4 next year, Sony did manage to fit several big third party announcements in the showcase. One big announcement came courtesy of 505 Games. During the E3 press conference, Sony unveiled the Control announcement trailer showing the new game developed by Remedy Entertainment. Despite being a new IP, the game is certainly making an impression with its trippy visuals and stunning gameplay mechanics.

The trailer that made its debut at E3 can be seen below from the official 505 Games YouTube channel. In Control, players will follow Jesse Fadens, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Control, as she explores a mysterious New York building. As they traverse the structure, players will find that the building has ever-changing architecture that can be manipulated to combat enemies and overcome obstacles. Contents inside the building are not beholden to traditional laws of gravity, and it seems that Jesse is able to telekinetically move objects in the building herself.


While the game certainly seems to wear its influences on its sleeve, with many already comparing the game’s visuals to Inception and its gameplay mechanics to that of Star Wars titles, the combination of elements certainly make this game stand out among the other much-anticipated games in the Sony showcase. In addition to the PlayStation 4, the game will also be coming to Xbox One and Steam. What do you guys think about the Control announcement trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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