Trover Saves The Universe Gets Teaser Trailer At Sony’s E3 Presentation (VIDEO)

Trover Saves The Universe

It wouldn’t be a proper E3 presentation without a few oddities, and Sony delivered with a new title from Squanch Games called Trover Saves the Universe. Presented by, er, Bathtub guy, fans get a brief look at some of the gameplay, a 3D multi-level game filled with obstacles galore to navigate. The humor presented is definitely to be expected from Squanch, the creators of the VR game Accounting.

Trover Saves the Universe will be available on PS4 and PSVR headsets. The developer is known for their VR experiences and this will be no exception. The third-person platformer has no release date yet, but you can check it out for yourself below:

Trover Saves the Universe is one of the many brainchildren of Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty, which gives fans more of an idea of what to expect to from this title. If the intro wasn’t enough to clue you in already, the humor and art will likely be in the same vein. For fans who want to know more about the title, they can check it out on Squanch Games website here!

Trover Saves the Universe is one of a long line of new titles showcased at Sony’s E3 presentation. With new trailers for The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Spider-Man and Resident Evil 2, the publisher has pulled out all the big guns this year. There is still more to come from E3, so stay tuned!

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