PlayStation Plus February 2021 Free Games

PlayStation Plus Free Games For February 2021 Revealed

February is just around the corner, which means there are sure to be some new announcements, a handful of releases, and much more. This also means that gaming service subscribers…

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Control Remedy Xbox Game Pass PC

Control Coming To Xbox Game Pass For PC This Week (VIDEO)

Players have been enjoying Control since its release across various platforms, while Xbox Game Pass subscribers were able to get their hands on the game beginning last month. This, of…

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Control Game Xbox Game Pass

Control Coming To Xbox Game Pass With 16 New Games

While initially offered as a counterpoint to PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass has grown to become the central focus of the Xbox brand, with virtually all platform exclusives and regularly-available…

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Control Nintendo Switch

Remedy’s Control Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch As Cloud Version (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch has only strengthened its position in the video game market this year, and a big part of that has been its support from developers bringing their games…

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Control Remedy Xbox Game Pass PC

Control Publisher Accidentally Upgrades Game After Saying They Couldn’t

After 505 Games revealed that only Control Ultimate Edition owners would be able to take advantage of a free next-gen upgrade, plenty of fans who already owned the game were…

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control 505 games

Control Publisher Explains Why Next-Gen Upgrades Won’t Be Free

Last week, 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment revealed Control Ultimate Edition – a bundle that combines all DLC and extra content that folks know and love into one neat package….

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control AWE alan wake

Control Reveals Alan Wake DLC Gameplay (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, Remedy Games revealed the return of Alan Wake! Though it isn’t exactly in the way fans were expecting, it was a welcome surprise nonetheless. A brand new…

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Control Ultimate Edition Steam Remedy

Control Ultimate Edition Announced, Causes Uproar From Fans (VIDEO)

Fans were recently treated to a teaser trailer that showed Alan Wake coming to Control, as well as the news that the Remedy Connected Universe is officially in full swing….

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Control Alan Wake Remedy Connected Universe

Control, Alan Wake Devs Creating New Game Set In The Same Universe

Control players have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Alan Wake in-game since they began to find clues as to what took place in Bright Falls all those years ago….

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Control Alan Wake DLC

Control AWE Expansion Teases The Return Of Alan Wake (VIDEO)

Hello, old friend. Alan Wake fans have been hoping to see a new installment in the popular series for quite some time, and while that doesn’t seem exactly likely, there…

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