Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Sequel

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Sequel In The Works

Plenty of games had arisen in the early 2010s with the boom of the crowdfunded video game craze, with one of the most successful titles to come out of this…

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Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner Next-Gen Release Revealed With New Roadmap

To launch a game with a cyberpunk aesthetic at any point in the past year or so was essentially a risk considering it would likely end up in the same…

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Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Week

One More Level and 505 Games, along with All in! Games and Slipgate Ironworks, released Ghostrunner on PC and consoles just last week, and while it was meant to come…

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Ghostrunner Release Date

Ghostrunner Release Date Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

For fans of first-person slashing adventures, Ghostrunner may already be on your radar. If not, it will be now, especially that a new trailer has arrived that shows off some…

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Control Remedy Xbox Game Pass PC

Control Publisher Accidentally Upgrades Game After Saying They Couldn’t

After 505 Games revealed that only Control Ultimate Edition owners would be able to take advantage of a free next-gen upgrade, plenty of fans who already owned the game were…

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control 505 games

Control Publisher Explains Why Next-Gen Upgrades Won’t Be Free

Last week, 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment revealed Control Ultimate Edition – a bundle that combines all DLC and extra content that folks know and love into one neat package….

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Control Ultimate Edition Steam Remedy

Control Ultimate Edition Announced, Causes Uproar From Fans (VIDEO)

Fans were recently treated to a teaser trailer that showed Alan Wake coming to Control, as well as the news that the Remedy Connected Universe is officially in full swing….

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Death Stranding PC Update

Death Stranding On PC Receives Its First Patch

It has been a few days since Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding was freed from its PlayStation 4 exclusivity and launched on PC, with the port being handled by 505 Games….

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Death Stranding PC Launch Trailer

Death Stranding PC Launch Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

As of the time of this writing, less than 24 hours remain until Death Stranding is able to be played on a platform that is not the PlayStation 4. That’s…

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Death Stranding PC recommended specs

Death Stranding Recommended PC Specs Revealed

Following the announcement of Death Stranding for PC, the port was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, only one month remains before PC players are able to dive into…

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