Console Wars Being Adapted For TV, Directed By Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Console Wars

Console Wars debuted four years ago to mixed reviews, but gamers everywhere loved the novel. Regardless of opinions on Blake J. Harris’ writing, the battle between Nintendo and Sega brings unimpeachable drama to the page. The rise and fall of Sega is a must-read for gamers of all ages. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg optioned a film adaptation of the book that same year, and fans have waited patiently for further news. That news finally arrived with a twist: Console Wars will arrive as a limited drama series for TV.

A report from Deadline states that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct the series, with Mike Rosolio writing the pilot script. Vogt-Roberts has demonstrated a sincere love for video games in the past. He directed the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film and promised players the film will stay true to the franchise. Recently, he also angled to direct on-screen versions of Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. His genuine love for gaming indicates he may be the man for those gigs.

Yesterday, Vogt-Roberts expressed his enthusiasm for the project on Twitter.

Rosolio doesn’t have the same gaming cred as the director, but he did write an episode of American Vandal. Fans of the book should be confident with the show being helmed by capable hands. Vogt-Roberts and Rosolio will also serve as producers.

Legendary TV will join Rogen and Goldberg’s Point Grey Pictures as executive producers. Rogen and Goldberg wrote the introduction to Console Wars, so they are intimately familiar with the book’s contents. Joining them as producers are James Weaver, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush, Julian Rosenberg of Circle of Confusion, Harris and Jonah Tulis’ Flying Penguin Pictures. That’s a lot of names, but the talented writer and director shouldn’t let too many chefs spoil the broth.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Harris in 2015 on his writing and the book’s on-screen development. At the time he told me that he’d hoped that the film and a documentary would be out sooner rather than later. We’ve reached later, but the story is simply too compelling to complain. Console Wars should make for the same balanced mix of comedy and drama on screen as it does in ink. With an all-star production team and their true passion for gaming, Console Wars should be a roaring success.

We have not heard of a release date or any casting for the series yet. While we wait for the show, Harris’ next novel, The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality, debuts February 19, 2019. We will keep you updated on the story as it develops.

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