Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Throwback Thursday: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing – The Dreamcast’s One-Two Punch

On September 8, 1999, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing released for the Sega Dreamcast. The console being built on the success of Sonic and Soul Calibur, developer Midway opted for another…

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Yakuza 6 Minigames

WATCH: Yakuza 6 Minigames Trailer Includes Kitten Petting and Ukulele Playing

Sega has released a new Yakuza 6 minigames trailer showing the various, and hilarious, time diversions available in the new game. As players have hoped – unexpected, strange inclusions are…

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New Shenmue III Screenshots Feature Enhanced Character Looks And Gorgeous Scenery

Ys Net has have revealed brand new Shenmue III screenshots in preparation for Monaco Anime Game International Conference (MAGIC) beginning this February 24th in partnership with Shibuya Productions. Known for…

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Two Point Hospital

WATCH: Sega Unveils ‘Two Point Hospital’ Announcement Trailer, The Spiritual Successor To Theme Hospital

Recently, it was revealed that Sega was teasing a mysterious new game with a countdown website, leaving the internet to attempt an explanation for what could await when the clock struck…

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Sega Countdown

Mysterious Sega Countdown Website Appears – What Exactly Are They Teasing?

It would appear that something interesting is coming out of the house that Sonic built. A mysterious Sega countdown website recently popped up, with the timer set to expire on…

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Sonic Generations camera mod

WATCH: Sonic Generations Camera Mod Reveals Amazing World Details

As is the case with nearly every Sonic game, you’ve gotta go fast to get through. Unfortunately, much of the detail of the game is lost on players as they…

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Total War Three Kingdoms

WATCH: Total War Three Kingdoms Cinematic Announcement Trailer Is Officially Here

Creative Assembly has been busy the last few years working on Warhammer and, apparently, a new title just announced called Total War Three Kingdoms. With the company having promised last…

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Bayonetta 3 Release date

Bayonetta 3 Release Date Rumored For Summer 2018

One of the biggest reveals to come out of The Game Awards last month was the double-surprise of not only the original two Bayonetta games coming to the Nintendo Switch,…

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Shenmue 3 Director

WATCH: Shenmue 3 Director Gives Development Update On Kickstarter

A third entry to the Shenmue series was announced almost three years ago, and 2018 looks to be the year the long-awaited threequel finally makes its debut. Shenmue 3 director…

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Bit Sega

New Retro-Bit Sega Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast Accessories Announced

Even with the past year bringing new modern console gaming hardware from Nintendo and Microsoft, retro gaming is still a popular fixation among gaming culture. This was evident when the…

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