Nintendo Switch Online N64 SEGA Genesis Controllers

Nintendo Switch Online N64 And SEGA Genesis Controllers Revealed

Years after adding SNES games into the mix, Nintendo Switch Online is finally jumping into 3D with the addition of games from the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis consoles. Sporting…

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Nintendo Switch Online N64 SEGA Genesis

Nintendo Switch Online N64 And SEGA Genesis Games Coming Soon

After making a solid collection of retro NES and SNES games available to stream instantly from the cloud, Nintendo Switch Online is now preparing to add new depth to its…

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Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment Review Round-Up (VIDEO)

Though the Yakuza series has shifted its future to a more turn-based approach, its action-oriented origins live on (or maybe not?) through the spun-off investigation-focused Judgment games. Offering up a…

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Sonic Movie Sequel Idris Elba Knuckles

Sonic Movie Sequel Casts Idris Elba As Knuckles (VIDEO)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is coming to theaters next year and it appears the upcoming film adaptation is getting another particularly big star. As revealed in a new social media…

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Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover DLC Now Available

SEGA has endured after decades with several of its key franchises intact, with the biggest, of course, being Sonic the Hedgehog. The beloved blue rodent’s franchise has reached its 30th…

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Lost Judgment Sequel

Lost Judgment Sequel Might Not Happen Due To Licensing Issues

Spinning off from the main Yakuza series, but retaining the same penchant for compelling narrative and wacky mini-games, the Judgment games are set to debut an all-new investigatory follow-up in…

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Sonic Adventure

Sonic Team Hopes Sonic 2022 Is As Influential As Sonic Adventure

The video game industry has many long-enduring franchises, with one of the most beloved characters to lead one of these franchises being Sonic the Hedgehog. With 2021 marking the 30th…

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

After nearly a year of waiting, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has finally received a release date. SEGA announced the news in a recent website post, confirming the upcoming…

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Sonic Colors Ultimate 2022 Olympics

Sonic Colors Remaster, Sonic 2022 Game And More Announced By SEGA

As the character turns 30 years old in 2021, SEGA and Sonic Team have been revving up a monumental year of content for Sonic the Hedgehog, with a big reveal…

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Sonic the hedgehog 2 plot

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Plot Summary Leaks New Knuckles Details

As Hollywood films and television series resume their major production schedules, video game adaptations are among the biggest in the works. The Last of Us live-action series for HBO is…

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