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Some Call it Fate, Others “Destiny” – How Two Game Developers Got Engaged Through the Bungie Shooter

Ok, so maybe the title is a little corny but how fitting is it that two game developers take their relationship to the next level with the help of what…

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Destiny is Ready for Halloween with Brand New Update (VIDEO)

Bungie‘s shared world shooter, Destiny, is getting ready for Halloween with its returning holiday themed event: Festival of the Lost. Check out the official event trailer below: Festival of the Lost will…

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The Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel is Here! (VIDEO)

Bethesda’s Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG or MMO for short) The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), has a free new update titled One Tamriel. The update is available today for Xbox One and PlayStation…

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Halo Wars 2: Expanding the Borders of the Halo Franchise

“Captain wake up, something’s different.” These are the last words the player hears upon finishing the campaign of the Halo franchise Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, Halo Wars. Now 28…

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Watch Dogs 2’s Zodiac Killer Mission Preview is Here

The sequel to the Chicago-based Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2,  brings an all new adventure to sunny San Francisco where the player will assume the identity of expert hacker: Marcus…

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Monopoly Fans Rejoice! Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Edition Coming Soon!

Merchoid is releasing a new addition to the board game world! Today, the popular website has announced its upcoming release of a brand new Monopoly game, this time themed around The…

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Replaceable Hard Drive Announced For PS4 Pro

The brand spanking new Playstation 4 Pro console, available for sale on November 10th, gives its players the option to swap out the stock internal hard drive just like you…

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Sony Offering Red Dead Redemption 2 First Access Content For PS4 Users

War. War never changes. Since the last revolution, two sides have been pitted against one another. To the left are those of House Green, and to the right are those…

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Samsung Exploiting DMCA to Takedown Videos of GTA 5 Note 7 Bomb Mod

Samsung Electronics is not amused by one player’s Grand Theft Auto mod which features their now infamous flagship phablet, the Note 7. What is now being referred to as the…

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super nintendo mini

This Day in Gaming History: The Super Nintendo’s Little Brother is Born

October 20th marks the 19th anniversary of the Super Nintendo’s smaller redesign the SNS-101, more commonly known by the catchier name “SNES Mini”. Though not as popular as its older brother,…

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