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League Of Legends Is Getting A Rhythm Runner Spinoff Game

League Of Legends Is Getting A Rhythm Runner Spinoff Game (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever wanted to play a League of Legends spin-off game featuring Ziggs then you’re in luck, even if it means I’m judging you harshly as a result. Riot…

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The Witcher Showrunner

The Witcher Showrunner Explains Kids And Family Series Approach

The biggest properties in film and television these days are all aiming for connected universes and spinoffs, with one recent surprising addition to the competition being The Witcher. The live-action…

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Mass Effect Pinnacle Station

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod Restores Missing Legendary DLC

The galaxy-spanning exploits of the Reaper-punching, planet-probing, and alien-bedding Commander Shepard were finally brought to modern platforms in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, the all-encompassing remaster was unfortunately cut short…

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New Witcher Netflix Anime Teased As “Standalone” Project

The Witcher franchise has grown considerably over the years, spawning a Netflix series, an anime adaptation, comic books, spin-off games, and more. Even better for fans is that the franchise…

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Nintendo Black Friday 2021

Nintendo Black Friday 2021 Deals Officially Unveiled

The holiday season is practically upon us once more and with it comes the great tradition of retailers providing monetary incentives through big discounts! While supply chain delays and shortages…

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Next Mass Effect

Next Mass Effect Game Teased With New N7 Day Poster

Following the immensely well-received release of the remastered Legendary Edition trilogy, BioWare looks to have plenty of Mass Effect plans waiting in the wings, including an all-new adventure connecting back…

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Arcane Creators May Develop More League Of Legends-Based Anime Series

Arcane Creators May Develop More League Of Legends-Based Shows

Netflix’s newly released Arcane animated series has proven that Riot Games’ League of Legends translates exceptionally well through other mediums. Only the first three episodes that make up Act 1…

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Olympic Sport

League Of Legends Could Be An Olympic Sport, Says Riot Games

As the medium of video games continues to grown more accepted into mainstream culture, eSports have grown in both popularity and visibility. Formerly relegated to small conventions and livestreams, now…

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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: Master Chief Collection Debuts OG Xbox Gear For 20th Anniversary

The Halo franchise has been around for a whole 20 years, an impressive amount of time for any series to run in the video game world. It’s a feat worthy…

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Elden Ring Premium Collector's Edition

Elden Ring Collector’s Edition And Other Editions Detailed

After a seeming eternity in the shadows, Elden Ring has been getting a rather awesome spotlight in recent weeks, with the latest showcase being capped off with an amazing 19-minute…

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