New Trailer and Details for Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster Emerge (VIDEO)

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster

In the flood of new information coming from The PlayStation Experience event this weekend, one key figure of PlayStation’s past has been overlooked by some newsreaders. I am of course speaking about none other than Crash Bandicoot, who gamers remember as the first big mascot of the PlayStation platform. It was announced earlier this year at E3 that a remaster of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy was in the works, but not much information other than its existence was revealed. Well, we now have more details from Vicarious Visions, the developer of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy remaster, via the official Playstation Blog about the upcoming project, as well as a new trailer.

The new remaster, now officially titled Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy, is actually being referred to by the developer as a “remaster plus”. Dan Tanguay, the Game Director at Vicarious Visions, claims that the original 20-year old Crash Bandicoot assets were nearly unusable, so the team re-created the classic Crash games from the ground up. The levels will retain the original layouts that fans will remember, but with a redesigned art style for the locations and characters. Players will see these redesigns in the gameplay and cutscenes very reminiscent of Crash’s influences, such as classic Looney Tunes and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as other pieces of the marsupial’s lore, such as the original commercials for the games.


The new game is not without new features though, as a manual save system (which the first game lacked) and time trials are being added to the N.Sane Trilogy. I for one am excited to play through these games again, as Crash 2 and 3 were some of my favorite original PlayStation games. What do you guys think? Are you going to pick up the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster? What classic PlayStation game would you like to see remastered? Let us know in the comments below!

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