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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare is Now Playable on PlayStation 4

The recent event known as PlayStation Experience 2016 gave us a look into the future of Sony’s video game lineup. While many are excited for the PlayStation 4’s (PS4) games…

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Persona5 Cast

Persona5’s Full English Voice Cast Officially Released – Full Cast List Here

The latest title in the popular role-playing game series by Altus, Persona5, has released the names of the entire English voice cast. They have been doing personal interviews with some…

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Major Changes Arrive With Paragon Monolith Update Release (VIDEO)

Last year’s PSX rolled out the MOBA, Paragon. The goal was to make the most competitive and immersive MOBA out there; Paragon. With early access, open beta, weekly updates, a…

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Overwatch Holiday Event Just a Week Away, Folks!

It has certainly been an eventful holiday season for this first-person shooter. Sombra finally emerged after hacking into BlizzCon 2016 (she also hacked PTR), the Halloween event was a grand…

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Titan Books Publishing Official Mass Effect Novels in Coming 2017

Fans of Boiwares Mass Effect universe have had a lot to celebrate in recent weeks as teasers and trailers have hit the internet. But why stop there? With a much…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Shines Spotlight on Some Background Characters: Meet Foster, Nakmor, and Sloane

It is no doubt that BioWare’s next space adventure, Mass Effect Andromeda, is one of the most anticipated titles in years. With the most recent drop of extended gameplay at…

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Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Demo Guide to Unlocking Both Endings

A third update for Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour has been released! This may be old news for some, and you may have already found the new handgun, monster and dual…

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Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker 2 – The Reason for Cancellation

Everyone has their personal favorite, (and least favorite) Legend of Zelda game(s). This totally makes sense when you consider how different, yet similar each LoZ title is, from the artwork,…

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Modders Improve Your Games with Fallout 4 Conduit Mod and More!

One of the best features of Fallout 4 is the settlement building mechanic. I can vouch for many gamers who leave Vault 111 and immediately forget they even have quests…

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Metal Gear Solid V Mod – Kojima and Reedus Dance in the Rain (VIDEO)

After the wildly successful release of Death Stranding‘s trailer, the internet has once again captured our attention with the emergence of yet another humorous video. To celebrate the excitement of…

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