WATCH: Quake Champions Update Releases A New Character, Arena, And More

Quake Champions Update

Bethesda’s action packed first-person shooter is coming out with new patch in December, bringing tons of improvements and new features. In this Quake Champions update, some of the new features include a new arena, a new weapon, and a new character. Keel, who is a heavy weapons specialist and dubbed a “Resurrected War-Machine,” is sure to pack a punch. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he is returning to the franchise from Quake III and Quake Live.

As seen in his origin story above, Keel had died in a conflict – losing all of his appendages. Through reconstruction through technology and metal, Keel 2.0 was brought back to life – just in time to decimate his competition. With his grenade swarm ability, which can explode up to 5 grenades at a time, players can expect him to make an explosive entrance. Fans can also be excited for the addition of ranked play, custom crosshairs, a new duel map, and the addition of the Quake 4 Railgun. This patch also includes loads up bug fixes and improvements to the game as a whole.

Take a look at all the fixes and new features releasing for the latest Quake Champions update per Bethesda:

  • Patch Highlights
    • Winter Celebration Items
      •  1 Winter 2017 Hat Vanity for each Champion
      • 10 Winter Profile Icons
      • 10 Winter Nameplates
      • 3 Winter 2017 animated Champion Shaders
      • 3 Winter 2017 Weapon Shaders for each weapon
      • Winter Hat Bundle
      • Premium Shader Bundle
    • New Champion
      • Keel
        • Resurrected War-Machine
          • Health 175
          • Armor 50/125
          • Speed 300/480
        • Active Ability: Grenade Swarm Keel can store and fire up to 5 grenades at a time. Grenades will bounce off the environment, detonating a few seconds later and inflicting splash damage. Direct hits deal 75 damage per grenade. Each grenade refreshes on a 10-second cooldown.
        • Passive Ability: Stockpile Keel can reduce his ability cooldown by 5% by collecting any ammo box.
    • New Arena
      • Vale of Pnath
    • New Weapon
      • Violator
    • New Ranked Play and Leaderboards for Duel
  • Additional Features
    • Added Crosshair Customization: one of the most requested Community features
    • Choose from over 40 different crosshairs and use a slider to choose your color of choice
    • Chests & Reliquaries now offer guaranteed rarities!
    • Chests reward at least one item of Rare quality and above
    • Reliquaries reward at least one item of Epic quality and above
    • Rune Challenge Animated Champion Shaders
    • Each champion now has 5 new animated Champion Shaders which you can earn from completing one of four Elder God rune challenges, and the Master Rune challenge.
    • Added FPS Limiter in Options
    • Added Teammate X-ray Outlines Option
    • Enabled load on demand of geometry for further memory optimization

The remaining fixes and balances for the Quake Champions update can be viewed on the release notes page from Bethesda. The remainder of the patch includes champion balances and fixes, game optimization, map updates, and much more.

What do you think about the latest Quake Champions update? What’s your thoughts on the new character, Keel? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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