Destiny Funko Pop Figures Announced for Next Year – Plus Even More Games Get Funko-fied

Since 2014, Destiny has been gaining steam in the gaming community and will be enjoying even more add-ons in the future. With any popular franchise comes a host of collectibles…

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First Look at Attack on Titan Season 2 (VIDEO)

Christmas comes a day early for fans of the hit manga-turned-anime, Attack on Titan (AoT). Funimation has released a trailer for Attack on Titan season two of the anime, which gives us a look…

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Fan Made Pokemon Prism Receives Takedown Notice from Nintendo

It seems this year has seen a lot of fan-made projects shot down. Our recent report on DOOM Roguelike, and the fall of a previous fan-made Pokemon game “Pokemon Uranium”,…

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Alien: Covenant Trailer

BREAKING – Alien: Covenant Trailer Announced OFFICIAL (VIDEO)

Over the last few days Alien Anthology has been teasing us with images leading up to the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s next movie in the Prometheus/Alien franchise. Today we…

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Utada Hikaru to Return for Kingdom Hearts 3 Theme Song, Most Likely…

Utada Hikaru is practically synonymous with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. She gripped the public’s heart with Simple and Clean for the first Kingdom Hearts, as well as Sanctuary (“Passion” is the…

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Adds New Mode as Snow Begins to Fall in San Andreas

Rockstar Games‘ smash hit, Grand Theft Auto V, is getting into the holiday spirit by giving players a sack full of goodies. Players can expect snow, new game modes, bonuses, gifts,…

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PS4 Slim Bundle

New PS4 Slim Call of Duty Bundles Launching After Christmas

Prepare to put those gift cards your Aunt Ruth gave you for Christmas to good use, Sony has announced a new Call of Duty (CoD) PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle. The new bundle…

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After Four Years, Star Citizen Developers are Changing Engines Suddenly

In the wake of Cryteks decision to shut down five international studios in order to “reorganize around core technologies”, hearing any news may come with some reluctance. Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium…

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CS:GO Players Write Letter Calling Out Unfair Treatment from PEA and Team Owners

In the year 1999, Counter-Strike was released as a mod for Half-Life and as it changed from a beta to the full release, it created a following of players that…

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Supergirl fighting moves

New Injustice 2 Gameplay Video Shows off Supergirl’s Fighting Moves (VIDEO)

When Injustice 2 was first announced, its reveal trailer included the introduction of Supergirl as a new playable character. However, we only got brief glimpses of the character’s moveset. Fans…

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