Blizzard Wants Every World Region to Receive an Overwatch Character Representative

Overwatch Character Representative

One of the more obvious key reasons for Overwatch’s success has been found in its variety of unique characters. Giving each one unique abilities and distinct personalities helped breathe new life into the first-person shooting genre. One extra beneficial aspect of this character assortment has been its ability to also represent the diversity of the modern gaming audience with these characters. Characters such as the South Korean mech pilot D.Va or the Brazilian DJ Lúcio show that Blizzard recognizes the global audience their games have, and their wish to let these gamers see themselves represented on screen. As such, it appears that Blizzard might just want to see every world region receive an Overwatch character representative.

A new interview with Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman on IGN shares his thoughts on the game as it approaches a year since it first launched and where he believes the game is headed in the future. One of the final issues discussed the global appeal for the game and Goodman confirms that Blizzard is well aware of how popular the game is in areas outside of the biggest gaming markets. As such, Goodman suggests that the development team does intend to have all of the world regions that compose the game’s audience receive a character representing their region in the game. As he says:

“Basically, we want to do every region in terms of characters and maps, and ensure the entire global community feels represented in Overwatch. It’s just a matter of time and resources.”

Players seem to have reacted positively to the newer characters, such as Sombra and Orisa, who have represented Mexico and a region of Africa in a special way. While some may argue that it may be more important to focus on the technical performance of the game, there are surely decent enough underrepresented populations that would love to see their very own ambassador in the world of Overwatch. What do you guys think about the possibility of an Overwatch character representative for every world region? Let us know in the comments below!

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