Black Panther SNL “Deleted Scene” Reunites T’Challa With A Nutty Uncle (VIDEO)

Black Panther SNL

Saturday Night Live is one of the most revered comedy institutions in America, and the popular sketch comedy series continues to poke fun at the modern world. SNL has not shied away from nerdy properties before, be it The Avengers or the Star Wars Prequels. Perhaps no singular piece of current media is as popular and culturally significant right now as Black Panther. Now, a new Black Panther SNL sketch parodies the ancestral plane scenes from the film, introducing T’Challa to his long lost goofy Uncle M’Butu, played by SNL favorite Kenan Thompson.

The new Black Panther “Deleted Scene” has been uploaded to the official Saturday Night Live YouTube channel. The parody sketch features SNL cast member Chris Redd as T’Challa, as he awakens in the ancestral plane. There, he is greeted by his great great-grandfather T’Kanna, played by the episode’s celebrity guest host, Sterling K. Brown, who coincidentally also played T’Challa’s Uncle N’Jobu in the Black Panther film. T’Challa meets his other ancestors, including the decidedly more culturally American M’Butu. The uncle is shown cooking hamburgers throughout the scene, and admits he entered the ancestral plane after being killed by his wife, a Dora Millaje warrior who he asked to wear a wig.

M’Butu pokes fun at other elements of the film, such as the eternally purple sky in the ancestral plane, and slyly nods at the film’s similarities to The Lion King. Thompson’s performance was able to make veteran Leslie Jones crack into a laugh, but not even his shoving of a lion burger into Sterling K. Brown could break the host’s vibranium-level resistance. The sketch is being well received on the web, and hopefully, another star from the film jumps onto the SNL stage in the future to meet Uncle M’Butu. What do you guys think about this Black Panther SNL parody? Let us know in the comments below!

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