BioWare’s Next All New IP is an Action Adventure Series, Debuts March 2018

BioWare’s next IP (Intellectual Property) is an Action Adventure series, and will debut by the end of March in 2018. Surprisingly, the new game won’t be an RPG like the famous Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchise. Granted, the latter trilogy is an action based RPG. According to an investor’s call with EA CEO Andrew Wilson, fans can expect the same quality in characters and story as seen in BioWare’s other creations.

BioWare General Manager, Aaryn Flynn, shared his thoughts with a short blog post after the call concluded. “In 2012, we began crafting a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay,” he wrote.

Our ambition is simple: Draw upon 20+ years of development knowledge and lessons to create something fun and new for you to enjoy with your friends.”

Previously, during a separate interview back in November, Flynn professed the thought process behind the new series and progress it made up to that point. By the end of that month, the game was completed further than they anticipated. Of course, the studio is careful not to divulge too much information, for fear a repeated Shadow Realm scenario. “The lesson I took away from [Shadow Realm] as the guy running BioWare Canada at the time was simply, ‘Don’t announce things too early,'” he told Game Informer last year.

There was an internal battle regarding whether or not BioWare should continue creating content they are known for, or building something “fiercely different”.

You have to ask yourself, ‘Do you want to do something that is fiercely different or do you want to do something that’s very recognizable? ‘Do you want to take something that you’ve done and put a spin on it, or do you want to wipe the slate clean and say what would we do in this?’ And for us, what we said was ‘We’re BioWare’.

The new series will make its mark by the end of March 2018.

What do you think BioWare’s next IP will be? Is it another Dragon Age, or something completely different? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you. To stay up to date on the latest gaming news, follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Facebook and Twitter!

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