Does Size Really Matter? You Decide with Conan Exiles’ Endowment Slider!

conan exiles endowment slider

Just a small bit of warning that this article is 100% NSFW, so continue at your own risk! The new open-world survival game Conan Exiles lets players not only choose how much skin they want to show, including the choice of being completely naked, but you can also make use of the “endowment slider”. For the females, it’s the typical adjustment of breast size, but for the men it adjusts your penis size for all the world to see. Remember that warning above? It’s about to make sense once you watch the clip below from Chris Livingston, that showcases the slider in action.

In Conan Exiles you start out the game completely naked in the desert and have to find your way out, so you might as well enjoy the view of the perfect skin snake that you made with your very own two hands. Well you didn’t actually touch it with your two hands… pervert. If you really want to admire the sexy beast of an exile that you created, there is also a “vanity camera” that lets you see your character from EVERY angle, know what I’m saying? Thanks to the Unreal 4 engine, the movement of your disco stick and balls is very realistic as you run around, or in this case, squat.

Now Conan Exiles, which will soon be released to Steam’s Early Access, is not just about beautiful dongs. We’ve talked all about the Funcom game before and we are pretty excited to play ourselves. Not that kind of excited! Get your head out of the gutter! We have discussed the Barbarian Edition and the open-world architecture, and this game is going to be amazeballs, pun intended. Are you planning to buy it? Are you sick of seeing how many dick jokes I can squeeze into one article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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