Former BioWare Boss

Former BioWare Boss Reflects On Studio Acquisition And What It Was Really Like Working Under EA

BioWare has been losing many of its prominent contributors over the last few years with the most recent exits being Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw and Mass Effect writer Drew…

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Aaryn Flynn

BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn Calls it Quits After 17 Years – Mass Effect Trilogy Director to Take Over

In a recent post to the BioWare blog, general manager Aaryn Flynn has announced that he is officially stepping down from his position at the developer. While he has held…

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Anthem - Aaryn Flynn

BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn Says Anthem is “Science Fantasy” – More Like Star Wars

One of BioWare’s biggest announcements from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was the shared-world action RPG Anthem. When the first trailer dropped, many gamers immediately started drawing comparisons between the…

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Andromeda Multiplayer DLC

Andromeda Multiplayer Maps DLC Will Be Playable Free of Charge – “Just Like ME3”

A steady stream of information has been coming out for Mass Effect: Andromeda and fans are eating it up! Among the tidbits is info regarding the multiplayer function for the…

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Mass Effect Andromeda is “Totally Softcore Porn” Says Aaron Flynn Following ESRB Rating Shift

It’s almost time, Pathfinders! The release for Mass Effect Andromeda is closer than ever and BioWare has made sure it was clear that they want us to be as hyped…

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BioWare’s Next All New IP is an Action Adventure Series, Debuts March 2018

BioWare’s next IP (Intellectual Property) is an Action Adventure series, and will debut by the end of March in 2018. Surprisingly, the new game won’t be an RPG like the famous Dragon…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda has Official Release Date

The long awaited sci-fi RPG (Role Playing Game) by BioWare, Mass Effect Andromeda finally has an official release date. Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare, has released a statement on the official game’s…

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BioWare’s Future IP is Story-Based, and Aaryn Flynn Talks BioWare’s Future and Direction

You know, Mark Darrah has been dropping hints about a game. A Dragon Age game in the works and there’s a confirmed game in the making. Is it a coincidence,…

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