BioWare Crossover Art “Dragon Effect” and “Mass Age” by Andrew Ryan

At some point in your gaming lifetime, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like for a BioWare universe crossover. What if the Mass Effect crew were in the Dragon Age universe, or vice versa? If you’re a fan of BioWare, that is. If the hands you wield have yet to figuratively fondle the amazing story, and game play, that is DA and ME – this may be the time to shift priorities. I say this with the utmost respect, and an equal measure of astonishment. Mostly, it is just friendly advice from one gamer to another. A particular individual has equipped their skill as an illustrator and imaginative gamer to realize this crossover fantasy, and calls them Dragon Effect and Mass Age.

Andrew Ryan (linked to his Deviantart), 29, is an artist and graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and huge fan of both before mentioned series. His art style and medium reminiscent of a balance between oil paintings and rough sketching. Not at all messy, but lines do not desire to be precise. Of course, it’s mostly digital – if it isn’t entirely.

dragon effect grunt_and_wrex_by_andrewryanart-d5etsjk

Ryan re-imagines the Normandy SR2 in Dragon Effect as, well, a dragon. Not satisfied with the first rendition of her, he finalized the ship to better represent the Thanix firepower technology. Instead of white scales, she dawns various shades of blue with a hint of Cerberus. Given the bone condition Jeff “Joker” Moreau suffers, Ryan took some artistic liberties by disregarding it altogether. Although the disease is a notable aspect of his character, it didn’t seem right to leave Joker out. So, it seemed right to give him full bipedal maneuverability. Ryan also explains a bit of his thought processes when it came to re-imagining some of them.

Whether or not you fully agree upon his interpretation of the Mass Effect characters in the Dragon Age universe, it is important to keep in mind the keyword: interpretation. For example, even though Ryan mentions that no particular references were used in designing Garrus Vakarian and Thane Krios – one might believe that their classes don’t quite match up. In that, Thane is an assassin, but he was redesigned within the Archer class.

dragon effect garrus_and_thane_by_andrewryanart-d5g605u

Meanwhile, Garrus is a sniper yet he wields a single-handed crossbow and short sword in Dragon Effect. However, the artist justifies the finalized design with his ideas behind what their backstory might be. Thane, for example:

For Thane I’d see him as belonging to a small almost forgotten order with the purpose of finding and eliminating wild dragons or wyrms. That’s why he’s wearing a light dragon scale outfit and the glowing stone set into his chestpiece [sic] is a gem that embues [sic] him with added marksmanship powers.

For those of you who may be wondering, ‘Where is Ashley and Jacob?’ The artist, Andrew Ryan, clarifies that, simply stating: “I’m sorry to inform everyone that Ashley Williams and Jacob Taylor were killed by Darkspawn and will be not [sic] making an appearance in my Dragon Effect lineup.”

Of course, we can’t just leave out the other side of the crossover – Mass Age. The beloved Varric still wields a cross-bow. Simply put, how can one take away his beloved Bianca in the form of an SMG or shotgun? I certainly wouldn’t, and neither did the artist. Before I end up writing a novel to explain my unrestrained love for this artist’s work – go ahead and just stare at his art in awe.

The order is left to right, with many coupled together for the sake of consolidating images – Normandy SR2, High Dragon Normandy Sr2 (finalized version) and Joker, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, Kaiden Alenko, Male Shepard, EDI, Legion, Garrus Vakarian, Thane Krios, Grunt, Urdnot Wrex, Javik, James Vega, Kasumi Goto, Zaeed Massani, Mordin Solus, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya/vas Normandy, Liara T’Soni, Samara, Jack, Miranda Lawson, and group picture of them all. The final three are Dragon Age: Inquisition versions of Garrus, Aiden, and male Shepard, respectively. Mass Age: Varric Tethras, Alistair, Wynne, Morrigan, Leliana, Mabari, Oghren Kondrat, Sten, Shale, Isabela Rivaini, Zevran Arainai, Anders, Fenris, Aveline Vallen, Merrill, and Sebastian Vael.

So what do you think, gamers? Are you impressed, or are you impressed? What are your thoughts on some of his redesigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below, we would love to hear from you!

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