Cancelled Iron Man game

Just Cause Developer Reveals Cancelled Iron Man Game

The Marvel Entertainment empire continues its wide presence and dominance in the grand media landscape, with video games being especially reflective of that presence. Marvel has especially been active the…

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Iron Man VR

Latest Iron Man VR Update Adds New Game+ And More

Fans have been able to live out their superhero fantasies in Iron Man VR since it arrived last month for PlayStation VR. That said, the devs have now released a…

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Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR Deluxe Edition And Pre-Order Bonus Details Revealed

Iron Man VR will launch exclusively on the PlayStation VR next year, bringing fans of Marvel a first-person experience as Tony Stark in his gloriously high-tech red and gold suit….

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Marvel's Avengers Reveals Iron Man's 'Original Sin' Outfit (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Iron Man’s ‘Original Sin’ Outfit (VIDEO)

Developer Crystal Dynamics is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, and part of the studio’s missions is to provide players with as many customization options…

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MArvel's Avengers Iron Man Profile

Marvel’s Avengers Profiles Iron Man (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers still has quite a bit of time to go before it is released, but that is not stopping fans from wanting to learn everything they can about the…

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Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers

New Marvel’s Avengers Details Revealed, Including Co-Op Mode

E3 2019 is less than two weeks away, and gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting all of the big news that is set to come out of the big event. With…

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Monster Hunter World Iron Man One Punch Man

Iron Man And One Punch Man Invade Monster Hunter: World With These Mods (VIDEO)

Mods sure are the gift that keep on giving. Many gamers take to the modding community to improve their experience in a particular title, whether it be through actually improving…

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Marvel's Iron Man vs Fighter Jet: How Do They Stack Up IRL?

Marvel’s Iron Man vs. Fighter Jet: How Do They Stack Up IRL? (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite comic book quadruple-threat (genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist) Tony Stark is undoubtedly the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man, the armored Avenger currently one of the…

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Iron Man VR Reveals New Story, Gameplay Details

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Reveals New Story, Gameplay Details

Flying around like Iron Man may already be a standout feature of BioWare’s Anthem, but a full game inhabiting the tech-savvy Marvel hero is now on the way in the…

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Marvel's Iron Man VR Revealed For PSVR (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Revealed For PSVR (VIDEO)

The very first episode of Sony’s State of Play stream series for PlayStation kicked things off with a bang with the reveal of a new virtual reality title called Iron…

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