Wild West Online Early Access Ends, Not Everyone Is Happy

West Online Early Access

The open world MMO Wild West Online has been a stunning experience for those on PC, with the game presenting plenty to do in the setting of the Old West. From the beginning and through its stretch of Steam Early Access, the multiplayer cowboy simulator has been a popular one for its open-ended gameplay styles allowing players to either become morally-obligated lawmen, or trigger-happy desperados. With Wild West Online Early Access coming to an end this past week, the game would seem to be in a relatively complete state, but not everyone feels it was ready to make the jump just yet.

As evidenced by the game’s Steam page, concerns about missing features have been pouring in, including the lack of a fully implemented PvE mode which was expected to be in the final release. Wild West Online‘s perceived incomplete status was further represented by empty customization slots, missing story elements, and a general lack of polish that are hardly common in a full release.

In all honesty, had Wild West Online Early Access not ended, it’s doubtful these missing features would be seen as problem. However, as WWO is now supposed to be considered a full experience, it opens the game up to much more valid criticisms. Developers were quick to address a few of these fan concerns, namely the lack of PvE, in a new feedback post:

We also want to directly address the folks who expected a full PVE MMO: as we’ve discussed with folks since the early days, this is at its core PVP MMO, with PVE elements (resourcing, simple NPC quests, homesteading). This has been and will be our focus: an MMO rooted in core PVP gameplay, with social and PVE elements to round it out.”

While many are pretty disappointed that Wild West Online didn’t live up to expectations, the large amount of feedback the game has received does leave a great deal of potential to fix some of the problems fans have with it. Whether we see these specific fixes is up in the air, but the dev team’s promise to “continue to add content” does at least mean more is on the way. Wild West Online is out now on PC.

What do you think? Should Wild West Online Early Access have lasted a bit longer, or are you okay with not having any PvE? Let us know in the comments below an be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more from MMO gaming news,check out these next few links:

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