Astro’s Playroom Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify

Astro's Playroom Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify

With the ever increasing popularity of video games, so too has the quality of their accompanying soundtracks increased over time, with certain OST’s even garnering enough attention to deserve worldwide recognition and accolades. As such, many popular franchises have begun to make their soundtracks available through Spotify, with various Square Enix and Persona albums being the most recent entries. Now, it’s been revealed that the soundtrack for Astro’s Playroom has also released on various online streaming services.

As noted by Gameinformer, the soundtrack for Sony’s bake-in PS5 title Astro’s Playroom is now available on Spotify and other online streaming services. The soundtrack is composed by Kenneth C.M. Young, whose accolades include work on Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and the LittleBigPlanet series. The soundtrack – which is reminiscent of a lite blend of Daft Punk and Scandroid – features 20 songs that all have ties to the game’s levels and the actual hardware of the PS5. Here’s the full track list:

  1. That’s The Way To Do It
  2. CPU Plaza
  3. I’m Your GPU
  4. SSD
  5. Follow Me (Into The Storm) [Playroom Remix]
  6. Botdi Beach
  7. Cooling Springs
  8. PlayStation Labo & Gatcha
  9. GPU Jungle (Powerup & Boss)
  10. SSD Speedway (Powerup & Boss)
  11. CPU Plaza – After Dark
  12. They Don’t Make’m Like They Used To
  13. CRT-Rex
  14. 4K-Rex
  15. Let’s Do This
  16. Goal
  17. Uplifting Little Number
  18. I Am Astro Boy [Playroom Remix]
  19. Memories of Play
  20. CPU Plaza – Mashup Overture

The Astro’s Playroom soundtrack can be enjoyed on Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. Astro’s Playroom is available as a PS5 exclusive.

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