ARK: Survival Evolved’s Volcano Soon to Erupt, Bringing Pure Destruction and New Loot

ARK: Survival Evolved Volcano

ARK: Survival Evolved is harboring a very destructive secret. Situated near the center of the game’s Island map is a dormant volcano extremely popular for its high metal farming potential, it’s also a good spot for tribes who want to build impenetrable fortresses. Unfortunately, the sleepy days of mining the top is going to end. The next big PC update v 257 will introduce the the end of everything near Survival Evolved’s volcano in a large eruption that will cover the area in lava.  From the ashes of the eruption, an entrance to new endgame Tek tier content will emerge.

All dinos, structures, and persons in the vicinity of the volcano will be destroyed. It’s not the first time a volcano eruption has been thought of by  Studio Wildcard. Initially, the plan was for the volcano to erupt at regular intervals, though the team opted out of this. As Jeremy Stieglitz, ARK’s lead designer, explained:

Such an event would have presented some technical and artistic concerns that would have taken critical time away from things which we think will matter most to general player enjoyment of the game in the shipping 1.0 build.”

Survival Evolved's Volcano

Regular eruptions might not happen for now but it will have a lasting effect on the game. No longer can players build on the volcano’s summit in PvE servers. PvP structures, on the other hand, can be built though they will take greater damage like within caves on other places on the island. Even among all the destruction, the area will still be a good place to mine for metals. In order to allow players a chance to relocate, Studio Wildcard has added markers indicating the outline which the eruption will have an effect and warns players to move their belongings outside of that area.

After the eruption of Survival Evolved’s volcano, a new Tek cave will emerge as well, allowing players who have Boss and Alpha trophies to challenge the new dungeon-like area. Said to be the toughest in the game, the new challenge will allow players to beat it to take part in something called “Ascension”, which essentially means “beating the game” and will receive a higher level cap with more engrams. There will be a new mechanic involved with the process, though no more information has been announced on the subject.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s volcano is going to bring some major changes for the game. What would regular volcano eruptions have looked like in-game? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming change and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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