Atlas Developer Apologizes After Rocky Launch

Atlas, the pirate MMO from Studio Wildcard, debuted earlier this month on Steam Early Access. Players swarmed to the game, which would generally be considered a good thing. Unfortunately, the…

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Pirate MMO 'Atlas' Finally Hits Early Access, People Aren't Happy (VIDEO)

Pirate MMO ‘Atlas’ Finally Hits Early Access, People Aren’t Happy (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, The Game Awards provided a look at several exciting new titles, many of which made their very first showing at the widely-publicized gaming event. Of the many…

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Ark: Extinction Launch Trailer Has Some Major Geth Vibes (VIDEO)

Believe it or not, Ark: Survival Evolved does in fact have a story albeit one that’s obscure and told as interpreted by players. That story is set to conclude with…

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ARK Survival Evolved Developer May Have Leaked A New Game (VIDEO)

Studio Wildcard, the developers behind ARK Survival Evolved may have teased a new game prematurely, leaking a trailer for a property titled Atlas. The trailer for this supposed title has…

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ARK Extinction Announcement Trailer Reveals Colossal Titans And New Challenges (VIDEO)

The next expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved arrives later this year and Studio Wildcard just released an announcement trailer to tease the content to come. Following the titillating debuts of…

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Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Version Confirmed For 2018 Release (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch is now in its second year of existence, and it appears to show no sign of slowing down on third party support. The recent Nintendo Direct confirmed…

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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile Game Announced As Free-to-Play (VIDEO)

Fans of the dino survival game can now build and tame on the go with a new ARK Survival Evolved mobile game. Players will be able to explore the isolated…

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Latest Ark Patch

Latest Ark Patch Unleashes Dino Changes, Mating Boosts, & More In Valentine’s Day Event (VIDEO)

The team behind Ark: Survival Evolved is in embracing their inner cupid and shooting a patch our way to kick off the game’s Valentine’s Day event. In the update, fans…

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Ark: Survival Evolved Debuts Minecraft-Inspired New Spin-off ‘PixARK’ (VIDEO)

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dino-loving survival game that has taken a unique spin on the popular genre, making it a go-to pick for many players. It’s downside is that…

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Aberration Expansion

Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration Expansion Release Date Revealed

Ark: Survival Evolved throws players into a world where prehistoric creatures roam across multiple unique biomes. Here players are forced to build homes, kill or tame dinosaurs, fight off other…

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