BioWare’s Anthem Livestream Shows Off All of the Different Customization Options (VIDEO)

The release of Anthem is still a ways away but the developers have finally reached a place where they’re ready it start talking a bit more openly about everything the game will entail. BioWare has recently begun sharing information through the help of livestreams, focusing on showing off individual aspects of the game while answering fan questions. The most recent of these livestreams highlights the incredibly detailed customization options within the game.

It was recently revealed for N7 day this year that fans will be able to customize Javelins with a Mass Effect-inspired N7 skin, which made many wonder what other concoctions they’ll be able to come up with. The most recent livestream on Twitch features Lead Producer Ben Irving along with Character Director Francis Lacuna and Associate Producer Leah Shinkewski discussing all the different ways players can make their Javelins truly their own.

Watch Anthem Developer Livestream featuring Lead Producer Ben Irving and BioWare guests! – #AnthemGame from anthemgame on

The customization is quite involved allowing players to pick apart almost every part of a Javelin in order to alter them such as the Helmet, Arms, Chest, and Legs. Each area in question consists of 6 different regions that are available to customise with a variety of materials as well as a wide range of preset and custom color options. Players are able to create and save custom color sets, allowing them to quickly alter between the the 3 hard and 3 soft regions of each armor piece.

Alongside being able to pick apart each piece of armor, it’ll be possible to add various effects to the Javelins such as the wear state of the suit, animations, and vinyls. The developers did explain that unfortunately, fans won’t be able to customise the vinyls though they do provide some really cool and unique looks to each Javelin. They also explained that weapons will have some custom options, though they won’t be as in depth as the looks of Javelins themselves.

Anthem has a release date set for February 22nd of next year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Do you have any skins in mind that you want to make when the game releases? Let us know your thoughts on Anthem and its customization options in the comments section below.  As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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