Dragon Queen Alexstrasza Joins Overwatch Favorite In Heroes Of The Storm (VIDEO)

Heroes of the Storm has trickled in quite a few fan-favorite characters this past year including such champions as Junkrat, Ana, D.VA, and other from the Overwatch franchise as well as Kel’thuzad and Garrosh from World of Warcraft. Most recently announced by Blizzard to join the HotS roster will be two familiar dragon faces entering the fray from both aforementioned universes. Introducing dragon queen Alexstrasza and master archer Hanzo Shimada to the competitive MOBA scene:

For an in-depth look at Hanzo and Alexstrasza, check out the breakdown of their skills and abilities below. Alexstrasza is described as a support character with a unique hero trait to use. Her play style is based utility and can be a bit more complex to play. Hanzo on the other hand has the “natural agility” to jump over “unpathable terrain” like walls and other structures and does some serious damage. Of course, who can forget his famous “Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau”? No one really calls it Dragonstrike anyway.

Alexstrasza (The Life Binder)

Primary Abilities

Gift of Life

  • Sacrifice 15% of Alexstrasza’s current Health, healing an ally for 150% of that amount. Dragonqueen: Breath of Life Cooldown greatly reduced and does not cost Health.


  • Plant a seed of healing that blooms after 3 seconds, healing nearby allied Heroes for 20% of their maximum Health. Dragonqueen: Preservation Heal area and amount greatly increased.

Flame Buffet

  • Launch a fireball, Burning enemies hit for 75 damage over 5.5 seconds. Hitting enemies that are already Burning deals 125 bonus damage upon impact, Slows them by 40% decaying over 2 seconds, and refunds the Mana cost. Dragonqueen: Wing Buffet Damage and Knockback enemies in an arc.

Heroic Abilities

Life Binder

  • Bind Alexstrasa’s life force with an allied Hero. After 2 seconds, the Hero with a lower percentage of Health is set to the same Health percentage as the other Hero.

Cleansing Flame

  • After 1.25 seconds, take to the sky and drop 5 fireballs over 6 seconds at the position of the mouse cursor. Fireballs deal 150 damage to enemies and heal allied Heroes for 300 Health. 2 seconds after dropping all fireballs, Alexstrasza lands at the position of the mouse cursor.

Hanzo Shimada (Master Assassin)

Primary Abilities

Storm Bow

  • Activate to charge an arrow that deals 270 damage to the first enemy hit. Storm Bow’s range increases the longer it is Channeled. Reactivate to fire.

Scatter Arrow

  • Fire an arrow that deals 85 to the first enemy Hero hit. Scatter Arrow can collide with terrain and Structures, splitting into 5 arrows that travel extra distance, ricochet up to 4 additional times, and deal 85 damage each to the first enemy hit.

Sonic Arrow

  • Fire an arrow that grants vision in a large area for 8 seconds. Enemies inside are revealed for 1 second. If Sonic Arrow lands directly on an enemy, it deals 150 damage to them and follows them as they move.

Heroic Abilities


  • After 1.5 seconds, summon a pair of Spirit Dragons which travel forward, dealing 52 damage every 0.25 seconds to enemy Heroes in its area. Enemies in the center take 150% damage.

Dragon’s Arrow

  • Fire a missile that travels across the battleground. Explodes upon hitting an enemy Hero, dealing 100 damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. After traveling a medium distance, the damage is increased to 200 and the Stun duration to 1.25 seconds. After traveling a long distance, the damage is increased to 350 and the Stun duration to 2 seconds.

To take a look at the skins available for these two and other information, make sure to check out their official hero pages linked next to their names above. What do you think of these two new champions joining Heroes of the Storm? Who would you like to see on the roster next? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as they happen, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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