Age Of Empires IV Shows History Of Trebuchets In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Age of Empires IV

Most of the time, a trailer for any video game features either cinematic moments from the game, gameplay itself, and sometimes a blend of both in order to give fans an idea of what they’ll be expecting. While these showcases are incredibly successful, occasionally, some appear outside this norm and effectiveness is something that varies from trailer to trailer. Still, they can be quite interesting, and one such reveal for Age of Empires IV delves into the history behind the mechanics and history of trebuchets.

Those who find themselves with a love of historical weaponry, armor, and tactics will be undoubtedly pleased with the latest Age of Empires IV trailer, dubbed ‘Hands on History – The Trebuchet.’ The video shows off various clips of the iconic siege weapon in action, specifically one built at the Warwick Castle in England. Throughout the video, mechanical engineer Dr. Shini Somara explains the inner workings of a trebuchet and why the siege engine was so effective in combat.

Several key features were explained, detailing a trebuchet’s pivoted arm and weight at one end, as well as a sling that can launch a projectile at incredible speeds. The video also shows off some smaller details such as the projectiles themselves that were specifically shaped to have the same size and weight, allowing them to be consistently accurate when firing. While the principles behind the Trebuchet may seem simple, creating such a massive and deadly war machine is no small feat to be sure.

This showcase was shown during the Xbox Gamescom event, with the video itself being part of a new feature coming to Age of Empires IV. As explained in a recent Xbox Wire post, developer World’s Edge revealed the upcoming strategy title would incorporate a series of unlockable video segments called Hands on History, which offers an informative look at historical items featured in Age of Empires IV. A total of 28 are confirmed for the final game and the rest are sure to be interesting if this new Trebuchet video is any indication.

This unique approach to a reveal is an interesting one, being both educational and managing to build up hype for trebuchets, whether it be in real life or within Age of Empires IV. Currently, Age of Empires IV is expected to arrive on October 28th of this year for PC and Xbox Game Pass. What other weapons Let us know your thoughts on Hands on History, the trebuchet, and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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