Splitgate Season 0 Arrives Amid Open Beta’s Massive Popularity (VIDEO)

Splitgate Season 0

Touting itself as a “Portal-meets-Halo” arena shooter, Splitgate has been capturing gamers’ attention left and right lately for its unique and incredibly popular premise, all while the 1047 Games project has largely existed in the form of a pre-release open beta. As the teleportation-based FPS gains even more traction with fans, the game has now officially begun its inaugural “Season 0” of content.

As revealed during Gamescom 2021, Splitgate Season 0 is set to introduce a full Battle Pass, featuring a rollout of season challenges as well as 100 levels of “new armors, weapon skins, name tags, banners, and a portal skin.” Players also have access to a “reimagined” version of the game’s original map called Karman Station, an asymmetrical bats vs. shotguns mode called Contamination, a new Casual Team Rumble playlist, and the implementation of an end-match final kill cam. Full patch notes are available on the official site.

​The excitement over Splitgate began this past July when the shooter game began beta testing cross-play across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The multiplatform boost notably ballooned the game’s userbase as high as 175,000 in the span of weeks – amounting to over 10 million total downloads in under 30 days. Of course, such activity easily overwhelmed the game’s online servers, which had previously only accommodated several hundred at a time.

This surge of popularity prompted the relatively small studio to expand its profile, as well as its havocked servers, and earned the studio a $10 million investment from venture firm Human Capital. In the meantime, the game’s original smaller-scale release has been indefinitely delayed in favor of a perpetual open beta, with 1047 now focusing on increasing stability, cutting down on wait times, and adding new content such as the goodies included in Season 0.

Splitgate is now available in open beta for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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