Age of Empires IV

Age Of Empires IV Shows History Of Trebuchets In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Most of the time, a trailer for any video game features either cinematic moments from the game, gameplay itself, and sometimes a blend of both in order to give fans…

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New Age Of Empires IV Gameplay Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

New Age Of Empires IV Gameplay Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

It has been roughly two years since Age of Empires IV was first announced, and as such fans of the longtime RTS franchise have been waiting with baited breath to…

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Relic Entertainment

Relic Entertainment Announces Age of Empires 4 With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Age of Empires has been around for some time. Originally released in 1997 by Ensemble Studios, the original Age of Empires began an era of real-time strategy games for the…

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