YouTube Gaming Officially Ends Today

YouTube Gaming

There is undoubtedly no single location on the internet as ubiquitous for video content as YouTube. The video-sharing site continues to be one of the most popular on the web, and a significant portion of its audience uses YouTube to watch content related to video games. Google, YouTube’s parent company, recognized this several years ago by creating YouTube Gaming, a dedicated app to help viewers find the specific gaming content they were looking for. While Google has confirmed they plan on entering into game streaming themselves, unfortunately, they have also called the curtains on the app.

The announcement can be seen by those using the YouTube Gaming app, with a message that leads to the Google support page that provides further information on their decision. The standalone app will cease to function after May 30th, but the normal YouTube app and website will still have a section dedicated to gaming content.

The app was first launched in 2015, back around the time when names like PewDiePie and Smosh Gaming were beginning to peak as the top content providers on YouTube. To compete with the rising game livestreaming platform Twitch, this app hoped to keep YouTube competitive in the gaming scene by letting viewers look for content related to specific games.

It seems the multiple YouTube apps made it harder for content creators to be noticed and a bit too inconvenient for users, so the app was taken off of app stores earlier this year, with full support ending this week. It was a good run for platform, but it is hardly the end for gaming content on YouTube.

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