Massive Twitch Leaks Expose Source Code, Payout Numbers And More

Massive Twitch Leaks Expose Source Code, Payout Numbers And More

While Twitch has fairly confidently cemented themselves as the biggest platform for live-streaming, particularly for video game livestreaming, that lead position has not been without controversy and missteps. While some…

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Twitch Hot tub

Twitch Adds Pools, Hot Tub, and Beaches Category For Streamers

Perhaps no facet of the internet has impacted the video game landscape quite like livestreaming, with the king of livestreaming being Twitch for the better part of the past decade….

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Mixer streaming

Microsoft Ending Mixer Streaming To Partner With Facebook Gaming

The world of gaming culture has seen many evolutions in the 21st century, but perhaps none have been as impactful on the industry as live-streaming services. Twitch has become ubiquitous…

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Ronda Rouse Livestreaming

Ronda Rousey Livestreaming Channel Will Begin By Playing Pokémon For Australia (VIDEO)

The internet has helped expand the video game industry in numerous ways, but livestreaming has become one of the foremost to expand the reach and cultural ubiquity of gaming as…

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YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming Officially Ends Today

There is undoubtedly no single location on the internet as ubiquitous for video content as YouTube. The video-sharing site continues to be one of the most popular on the web,…

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