Xbox Head Phil Spencer Teases Minecraft’s Future Work

Minecraft's Future

Xbox head Phil Spencer took the time to visit with the team over at Mojang and got a good look at Minecraft’s future. He took to Twitter after, teasing fans with a zero detail post that sent followers into a frenzy of requests. Check out the tweet below:

Microsoft acquired the franchise and its developer Mojang this past September for 2.5 billion dollars. Since the takeover, Minecraft’s future has continued to expand along with its player base and sales. The company announced earlier this year that they had 121 million in sales with a monthly player base of 55 million. With a steady stream of content and a Switch release coming in May, the franchise is looking to grow even bigger in the not too distant future.

Fans on Twitter were hopeful that Minecraft’s future on the Xbox One might include Realms and the Windows 10 edition. One follower even jokingly asked for an Unreal 4 version for Project Scorpio. All joking aside, the franchise is looking to continue on its current path with Spencer having said that Microsoft had no plans for a Minecraft 2 anytime soon. This left some fans disappointed but the consistent content stream has managed to keep players satisfied overall.

Minecraft's Future

The wildly popular sandbox game has seen an expansion into collectibles, mobile apps, and epic in-game creations. The latter of which is under development to enjoy a real-money marketplace where players can sell their maps and creations for some extra cash. All told, Minecraft’s future is looking to stay bright as they continue to develop new ideas for years to come.

What features would be most likely to come to Minecraft for the Xbox One? Could the long awaited Minecraft Realms be on its way? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow the official Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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