Xbox Exec Says There are Many “Big Titles” Left to be Announced

"Big Titles" Left to Be Announced

During Microsoft’s impressive E3 showing, the company highlighted quite a few games for the Xbox One (42 as a matter of fact), all ranging from spectacular AAA entries to interesting indie titles. The hat trick of Xbox’s conference was that a good amount of the announcements were for console exclusives, which undoubtedly gave Xbox fans a warm rush of good vibes. It seems the hype train still has a few more stops left, however, because as Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg teases, there are several “big titles” for the system that haven’t been announced yet.

It’s a fine balance of how much do you show early,” Greenberg told GameReactor. “I can tell you that there are a lot of other projects happening for Xbox, with a lot of big titles that we’re not talking about today. We always balance that. How much do we show farther into the future? The fact was, we showed 42 games [at the E3 briefing] … with a really great variety of titles.”

"Big Titles" Left to Be Announced

The above response came after Greenberg was asked about Scalebound, a highly-anticipated game that gained a lot of steam during its development, only to be cancelled before the project was completed. He went on to say that even with a good idea and the necessary tools, anything can happen during a game’s development cycle, and this “creative process” ultimately decides a project’s fate.

As for what those unannounced games could be, any of the recently rumored Halo titles would surely be at the top of the list, and a new Gears of War is always a potential, yet improbable contender. With Xbox’s game-centric focus lately, perhaps it wouldn’t be too bold to hold out for an old school Rare-developed platformer. What do you think? Is Xbox is keeping a brand new Halo game under wraps, or is it some other title entirely? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!

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