Xbox Adaptive Controller Modified By Father For Daughter’s Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Xbox Adaptive Controller Modified By Father For Daughter's Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Advances in technology have allowed video game companies to focus on creating hardware that helps cater to numerous types of gamers, but one aspect of gaming hardware that has become a big topic of interest has been accessibility for those with limited mobility. Many games have made their control options more friendly to those with special needs, but perhaps the most significant gaming tech created to help the disabled play mainstream games has been the Xbox adaptive controller. Sadly Sony and Nintendo have been slow to make such a controller for their devices, so one talented modder has customized the adaptive controller to work on Nintendo Switch.

Modder Rory Steel recently shared footage of his process for modding the Xbox adaptive controller for Nintendo Switch on his official Twitter account. Steel’s daughter has special needs, and has enjoyed playing Xbox games with the adaptive controller, but was unable to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, like her friends. So, Steel got to work creating an arcade-stick-like controller for the Switch that uses the special Xbox controller.

In just one weekend, Steel was able to construct a new controller, complete with glowing buttons and two arcade joysticks. The final video shows Steel’s daughter Ava trying out the controller and being able to move around and access the map in Breath of the Wild. The controller seems to be a wonderful creation, and hopefully it encourages Nintendo to make an adaptive controller of their own to let gamers with special needs play with power.

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