Wu-Tang Clan Takes the Helm for Upcoming Black Samurai Series on Starz

Black Samurai

The game of television production is like a sword fight: you must think first before you move. Anyone familiar with the discography of the Wu-Tang Clan knows the extent to which the rap group and their music has been influenced by the culture and ideology seen in martial arts films of the 1970s and onward. Of all of the Wu-Tang Clan’s members, RZA has perhaps been known to reflect the culture of martial art films the most in their music, as well as his outside projects, such as the two Man with the Iron Fists that he wrote and starred in. Now, he appears to be resurrecting one of his favorite sources of martial art inspiration with a new Black Samurai series for television.

Black Samurai

The Hollywood Reporter has shared the new announcement from Starz, which will air the series based on the book series and 1977 film Black Samurai. The series will follow Robert Sand to be played by rapper and actor Common, an Army Ranger whose respected samurai master is killed by mercenaries. The main arc will revolve around Sand seeking out revenge for the loss of his sensei. Viewers can expect a mix of the spy and martial art genres, with an added influence of music from Common and the Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA and Common will be executive producing the series alongside Jerry Bruckheimer, famous for producing the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Bruckheimer has stated: “This incredible creative team will combine all of their talents and experience to bring the classic book series to brand-new life with cutting-edge artistry, music and imagery.” This sounds like a very interesting collection of visionary artists who will bring the Black Samurai to life once more. Hopefully he learns to protect his neck. What do you guys think about this new Black Samurai series? Let us know in the comments below!

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