The Witcher Netflix Series Won’t Be Watered Down, Says Showrunner

Witcher Netflix series

Many have noticed this past year that Netflix has been striving to focus its platform more towards providing a plethora of exclusive content, both based on original and pre-existing properties. Netflix has partnered extensively with Dreamworks to house movies and series for kids based on their works, and Netflix has been adapting video games for more mature audiences. Their Castlevania series premiered this year, and their project based on The Witcher in early development recently gained a showrunner. Now the one heading The Witcher Netflix series has responded to the concerns some fans have had about the show watering down the franchise’s darker aspects.

The tweet seen above was posted on The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich’s personal Twitter account in response to a fan expressing worries about the new series downplaying the harsher elements of medieval environments and the lore of the franchise. Hissrich’s response very directly and confidently seems to assure this fan, and any others sharing similar concerns, that the more savage characteristics of The Witcher’s continent will prevail. This would seem to fall in line with the theory that many fans have had about this new Netflix project being a fantasy series for the streaming platform to rival the similarly mature Game of Thrones on HBO.

In the vein of her response about not watering down the series, Hissrich has also been showing gratitude to the passionate fans expressing hope and excitement for the new series on Twitter. Earlier this week, Hissrich also tweeted a photo of The Witcher series bible draft, indicating that she is hard at work establishing the rules and tone of the new show. If Hissrich’s responses are indeed sincere, we might just have a Witchin’ video game adaptation on our hands. What do you guys think about the Witcher Netflix series showrunner’s remarks? Let us know in the comments below!

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