Weed Simulator Game Will Let You Blaze It On PC Soon

Weed Simulator Game

With the rise of digital PC gaming platforms such as Steam in recent years, many smaller developers have sought to make smaller, but still fun, games under the pretense of them being a “simulator.” These games have ranged from more realistic simulators, such as Euro Truck and Forklift Simulators, to nonsensical Goat and Bread simulators. Video games are known to be a fairly common shared hobby amongst marijuana enthusiasts, such as Snoop Dogg, and now it looks like a new simulator will capitalize on the devil’s lettuce market with a new weed simulator game for PC.

A new story and gameplay trailer for the weed simulator was uploaded to the official Devolver Digital YouTube page recently, clocking in at a fitting 4:20 runtime.  The game, titled Weedcraft Inc. tells the Breaking Bad-esque story of two brothers, MBA Johnny and his more street-smart brother Clyde. Their recently deceased father has left them with a surplus of medical cannabis that was to aid with their father’s cancer symptoms. The two brothers decide to create a joint venture that puts them in control of a weed empire.

Weed simulator

The gameplay embodies a variety of strategy, simulation and resource management gameplay mechanics, but surprisingly, the game also brings political and ethical nuance to the game as well. Players will have to make difficult moral decisions in regards to how their drug empire is run, and to what extend they are willing to sacrifice personal gain for the good of those that could medically benefit from the dank nuggs. The game is set to release exclusively on Steam next month on 4/11, just in time for Weed Christmas on 4/20. Surely, Weedcraft, Inc. is going to set the game industry ablaze when it launches.

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