NES Classic Consoles in Stock Today, Nintendo Switch to Hit Best Buy Shelves This Week

It’s been a frantic fight to the death to purchase NES Classic consoles, but word on the street is that a certain chain retailer for electronics will have a batch of them available for retail purchase.  According to Best Buy’s official Twitter account answering several questions about the latest and last shipments of the retro item, there are only “limited quantities” available which will be available at “most stores”. For those looking forward to the possibility of getting their very own NES Classic consoles, here’s a bit of friendly advice – in order to avoid possible long lines or fruitless effort of driving to a nearby store, it may be best to give them a call beforehand.

Unfortunately, these will be the last of the beloved miniature Nintendo Entertainment System when the company announced the international discontinuation a couple weeks ago. That won’t be the only product being shelved into the back, however. Japan’s exclusive FAMICOM (Family Computer) will witness a cease production as well, but it is only temporary.

In other related news, Nintendo Switch supplies should be freshening up by the end of this week. In their weekly advertisement, Best Buy stores around the nation should have replenished stock of the latest console by April 28th. It has taken the manufacturers far longer than expected to keep up with the demand, but the assurance of quality of mass produced products have to be maintained as well. Slowly, chain and small sellers have been receiving shipments of the Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of the NES Classic consoles? Will you try and get your hands on one? Or are you tired of having to fight for limited edition products like this? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments in the section below or begin a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook and Twitter! For more awesome gaming and related news, check out the articles below:

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