Waylanders, A Dragon Age-Esque RPG, Lands On Kickstarter (VIDEO)


In August, Waylanders popped up as an RPG with roots in older games that had time travel. Now, the title is on Kickstarter and is starting to gain steam among interested parties. With $51,870 raised as of the time of writing, the $150,000 goal is well within reach, especially considering there are 23 days left in the campaign.

Waylanders has players travel through time, specifically through the Medieval and Celtic eras, where their characters are reincarnations. From those who have tried the demo, it seems the game has a lot of potential. Abilities are hotkeyed and players control their party separately, much like Dragon Age, and in addition they can control the formations of foot soldiers. Here’s a bit more on the title:

Studio Gato Salvaje, from Spain, are developing Waylanders with the help of Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw. An exciting target set for the Kickstarter includes Emily Grace Buck, a Telltale Games narrative designer that will join the team if they reach $200,000. The prospect is definitely an exciting one, and those interested in making a contribution can check out the Kickstarter here, which ends on November 16th.

Speaking of Telltale, news recently broke that The Walking Dead would continue to be worked on by Telltale employees under Skybound, ensuring the game’s integrity is intact. While they’ve not commented on a release date, fans can expect the adventure to at least keep the same feel and story. For those interested, they can read more about it here!

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