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Former Dragon Age Director Announces Departure From Ubisoft

Known for his acclaimed career at BioWare for properties such as Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and most notably creative director for the Dragon Age series, Mike Laidlaw announces his departure…

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Dragon Age Inspired ‘The Waylanders’ Crushes Kickstarter Goal

Fans of Dragon Age were in for a surprise when Mike Laidlaw announced his involvement with an independent video game studio called Gato Salvaje. Inspired by the aforementioned universe, this…

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Waylanders, A Dragon Age-Esque RPG, Lands On Kickstarter (VIDEO)

In August, Waylanders popped up as an RPG with roots in older games that had time travel. Now, the title is on Kickstarter and is starting to gain steam among…

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Dragon Age Origins-Inspired ‘The Waylanders’ Debuts, Mike Laidlaw at Helm (VIDEO)

Mike Laidlaw is likely best known for the popular Dragon Age series as well as other BioWare properties. It’s been nearly a year since the director left the company, and…

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Dragon Age 4 Dev Team

Dragon Age 4 Dev Team Now “A Very Small Skeleton Crew,” Says Former BioWare Writer

There may be plenty of gamers in the world who still find it hard to believe Mike Laidlaw no longer works for BioWare. Since his departure back in October from…

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Mike Laidlaw

Dragon Age’s Mike Laidlaw Reveals Why He Left BioWare (VIDEO)

It was this past October when longtime BioWare developer Mike Laidlaw announced his retirement from the company after 14 years. Having been a leading creative force in not only the…

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Mike Laidlaw Departs BioWare With Heartfelt Message To Fans Of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, And More

Fans of iconic games such as the Mass Effect trilogy, the Dragon Age series, and Jade Empire say goodbye and Mike Laidlaw announced his retirement from the company after 14…

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Next Dragon Age Game

Next Dragon Age Title Could be a Spin-Off Instead of Dragon Age 4

Rumors have been swirling like crazy around the next Dragon Age title, which nobody knows what it is yet. Many places have been saying that Dragon Age 4 is being…

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Dragon Age Director Mike Laidlaw Talks the Future of Thedas

Hi, my name is Liana and I am stupidly obsessed with Dragon Age (Hi, Liana). We already know that a new game in the Dragon Age-verse is currently in-progress, as it…

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Mike Laidlaw Teases BioWare Fans – “Something is Happening With Dragon Age”

Braces yourselves, the resident Dragon Age fanatic here at DFTG is about to drop potential DA news on you courtesy of creative director Mark Laidlaw! If you’re a fan of…

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