Venom Sequel Let There Be Carnage

Venom Sequel ‘Let There Be Carnage’ Reveals First Trailer (VIDEO)

After months of waiting, the first trailer for Marvel and Sony Pictures’ Venom sequel has finally been revealed. Officially titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the new footage shows off…

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Is Getting A 4K HDR Re-release

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Is Getting A 4K HDR Re-release

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is exclusive to the PlayStation 5, a different Final Fantasy VII product is releasing later this year that will be available on multiple platforms!…

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Uncharted movie Tom Holland Nathan Drake

Uncharted Movie Delay Pushes Release Date To Next Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, with the theatrical film industry being among the most notoriously affected. As most theaters remained closed for much of 2020, most major studios…

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Sony Pictures PlayStation Productions Uncharted Last of Us Twisted Metal

Sony Pictures Has 10 PlayStation Adaptations In The Works

Video game adaptations are on the rise these days as popular franchises such as The Witcher, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mortal Kombat have each earned their own big-budget movie or…

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Casts Oscar Isaac As Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid Movie Has Reportedly Cast Oscar Isaac As Solid Snake

It looks like the live-action Metal Gear Solid movie may have just taken one big step out of development hell. A new report has come in stating that Oscar Isaac…

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MCU Spider-Man 3 Set Photo

Spider-Man 3 Set Photo Revealed By Tom Holland

One especially busy actor involved with resuming projects has been Tom Holland, whose live-action Uncharted movie recently saw principal photography concluded. Fitting the themes of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom…

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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Reveals First Look At Uncharted Movie Look For Sully (VIDEO)

Several big movie studios have film adaptations of video games in the works, like the live-action Mortal Kombat movie reboot and the sequel to this year’s hit Sonic the Hedgehog…

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Uncharted movie release date

Uncharted Movie Release Date Pushed Up By Sony, Spider-Man Films Pushed Back

While theater-goers may not be able to see the newest blockbuster hits for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic, gamers will have plenty to look forward to once theaters…

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One Punch Man

Live-Action One Punch Man Movie Officially Announced

After spending decades as something of a niche status in Western pop culture, anime has become something of a juggernaut now in the West. Some of the biggest franchises now…

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Uncharted Movie Delayed Yet Again By Sony

Sony has been trying to get an Uncharted movie off the ground for as long as the series has been gracing PlayStation hardware, with the project spending well over a…

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