Overwatch Themed Billboard Created For Trump By The Guys Who Made Cards Against Humanity

In the craziness that has been the year 2016, it seems that gaming and politics finally crossed paths. A billboard recently popped up depicts Donald Trump as Hanzo from the Blizzard game Overwatch. It states “Donald Trump Mains Hanzo And Complains About Team Comp In Chat” followed by a website by the name of trumpisnotateamplayer.com.


The website helps break down the attributes of Trump in a jargon that the modern gamer would find easy to understand (or yet anyone who has experienced chat in the popular first person shooter).  It also shows Trump as other characters such as Bastion, Reaper, Genji, etc. The site give little excerpts into the worst of the worst that players who play these characters often find themselves saying, and shows how it relates to Trump as a whole.

Hanzo Trump says “My team sucks,” while  Bastion Trump says “The controller is broken,” which is a clear reference to his blaming hardware for some short comings. Reaper Trump is the one who says “The other team is hacking,” which is his testimonial about the presses biases against him as a person, while Junkrat Trump complains that “This game sucks”.

Trump in Overwatch

The Billboard was created by a super PAC by the name of The Nuisance Committee which was founded by the creators of Cards Against Humanity for the sole purpose of “driving Trump nuts”. I doubt that a mogul or man of Trump’s stature will actually get annoyed by this, especially not too far from the last accusations and presidential debate, but I know us in the gaming world are laughing pretty hard about this one.

trump as hanzo

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