League Of Legends Newest Champion Is A Magical Cat Named Yuumi (VIDEO)

League of Legends adds yet another champion to the ever-growing roster and this time – it’s a magical neko-chan! Introducing the adorable, magical feline called Yuumi, Riot brings to the…

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Fired Riot Employee Discusses League of Legends’ Community Toxicity And Recent Backlash

The League of Legends community is infamous for its ability to somehow nurture toxic behavior within the game. Though the term itself and the nature of the topic is always…

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Epic Rap Battles Has Pokemon Takeover! (Video)

The Epic Rap Battle Youtube page recently released their latest in the wonderful (and vulgar) series, and just in time for the Pokemon Sun and Moon release! Seems like Ash…

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Overwatch Themed Billboard Created For Trump By The Guys Who Made Cards Against Humanity

In the craziness that has been the year 2016, it seems that gaming and politics finally crossed paths. A billboard recently popped up depicts Donald Trump as Hanzo from the Blizzard…

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